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Getting Started with MEDSYS2

Setting up the User IDs and Passwords, and defining user access privileges is the first step to utilizing the MEDSYS2 Software.

Activating Your Software

Activating your Software is a very straight forward process. The system will generate a 30 digit challenge code which is unique to each computer that the software is installed on.

Once the challenge code is produced you must contact MEDSYS2 Customer Support and provide your company information and the 30 digit code. 

MEDSYS2 Customer Support:  (410) 705-1100 

Setting Up Company Address and Recovery Housing Locations

MEDSYS2 System is designed to store multiple company office locations and treatment locations.

This feature is ideal for companies that have multiple satellite branches, and is perfect for those entities operating recovery houses and halfway houses for prevention of substance use disorder. 

Entering Client Demographics

Capturing client demographic information is an important function of the MEDSYS2 System.

Besides the typical information such as name, address, social security number and date of birth, the system captures gender preferences of caregivers, key dates for care plan revisions, comprehensive re-evaluations, as well as needs specifications.

Whether you are using our Substance Abuse Software, or our Home Health Software the MEDSYS2 is designed to capture pertinent information for the caregivers of each discipline.

Creating Groups and Generating Group Notes

Group encounters are an essential to component of the Behavioral Health treatment regimen.  MEDSYS2 Substance Abuse System facilitates the process of defining the groups and developing the necessary documentation to record the group notes.

Besides detailed information such as the meeting objectives the system also provides for capturing the individual contribution to the meeting by each of the attendees.

Other important aspects of the Group Management process is that if facilitates taking attendance for each meeting and provides a means of quickly reviewing the completion of the associated notes.

Scheduling Individual and Group Appointments

Appointment scheduling for individual and groups allows your organization to allocate resources properly.  This affects both personnel and physical resources such as conference and meeting rooms.

The MEDSYS2 appointment scheduling system also serves as the basis for recording billable patient encounters and activities.

Utilizing the repetitive scheduling feature the user can enter an appointment start time, end time and day(s) of week for a date range one time and the system can generate hundreds of appointments for an individual patient or an entire group of patients.


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