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Available for iOS and Android platforms. Designed for Adult and Juvenile Drug Court Treatment Centers, IOP/OP Recovery Centers, Veteran's Administration SUD  and Recovery Housing Agencies.

Increase Efficiency and Time Savings

MEDSYS2 Substance Use Disorder Software organizes every aspect of your patient encounters.  From intake, charting, scheduling and billing.  The MEDSYS2 will ensure that the documentation is compliant and timely with State guidelines. 

Nationally Recognized SUD/BH Assessment Tools

GAIN-SS, TAP, ASAM-PPC2R, Major Depression Screener, Withdrawal Management, Behavioral Health Assessment Tools with Treatment Protocols

Who Uses MEDSYS2 Substance Use Disorder Software? 

MEDSYS2 is used by State and County Agencies, Adult and Juvenile Drug Courts, Veterans IOP/OP Treatment Centers, Veterans Housing Organizations, and Recovery Housing Firms.

VA/DoD Clinical Guidelines for Substance Use Disorder

MEDSYS2 utilizes integrated VA/ DoD Practice Guidelines  for the Management of Substance Use Disorder to determine the phase of treatment and  documentation requirements.

Ken Brown President/CEO

MEDSYS2 is already recognized as a leading Home Health Care System.  And now its Behavioral Health/ Substance Abuse System has gained favor by State Agencies and County Governments in the management of information related to the Opioid Use epidemic.

We believe the future of Substance Use Disorder treatment will take place in the patient's home.  MEDSYS2 is uniquely positioned to address the needs of this clientiele

Interactive VA / DoD Practice Guidelines
for the Management of Substance Use Disorder
MEDSYS2 Process Flow System

The Veteran's Administration and the Department of Defense have spent billions of dollars in research to develop Practice Guidelines  for the Management of Substance Use Disorder. However, no other system has deployed an integrated tool to implement these Practice Guidelines until MEDSYS2.

The Process Flow System presents information in an easy to understand format as designed by the VA/DoD, but then it allows the user to click on various components within the diagram to generate the appropriate clinical documentation, assessment tools and tests to determine the client's severity of addiction and treatment plan.