MEDSYS2 Home Health / Home CareWork Flow Process

Point of care documentation using  Fill-able PDF Forms 


Manage patient and caregiver information.  Alerts for key dates and credential expiration

Synchronize Database

Allows nurses and caregivers to synchronize from anywhere to submit notes, care plans, etc.

Complete Notes @ POC

Generate nursing visit notes, medication profiles, care plans, OASIS documents, State forms

We believe that managing the information required for your agency should be easy!

Ken Brown CEO of MEDSYS2

MEDSYS2 has been around much longer than any other Home Care or Home Health Software company in existence.  If you do your research, just type in WhoIs MEDSYS2 on Google and you will find that was originally registered back in July 1998.  Our focus is and has always been on the mobile health care provider.  

Back in 1998, MEDSYS2 pioneered the first mobile platform for physicians to use database replication / synchronization to carry their electronic patient charts with them to various outpatient clinics on their laptops.  Our software, allowed the users to work disconnected from the internet and have full access to critical patient information.

Now, MEDSYS2 is the first to employ the use of Fill-able PDF forms that are populated directly from the database.  This is truly a game changer, because our system can store any document as a binary object or (blob) within the database, then launch that document and pass data to any field, such as patient demographics, medication profile, diagnosis codes, patient history, referring physician information, care plan details, etc.

The software is preconfigured with over 60  Clinical and Human Resource forms require to run your business in your particular State.  We provide an entire suite of tools to help you build, manage and succeed.

The Work Flow Process allows you to create and define PDF Fill-able forms required to accomplish a business activity.  For example, in order to perform a patient intake the nurse is required to complete an intake referral form, home safety check, medication profile, needs assessment, care plan and patient consent forms.   The documents can be grouped under the heading "New Patient Intake" in the  Work Flow Process .  With one click the nurse can select and self-assign all the required documents.

Our mission is to help you succeed as a home care, home health or a behavioral health company. That's why we produce outstanding system that matches the way you work!